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What is Geopathic Stress and Vastu
Geopathic stress is the name given to harmful effects of unstable magnetic attraction fields emanating from the earth and Vastu is all regarding arrangement and placement of areas on the premises. There are many defects seen through Vastu norms and Geopathic Stress as seen through modern science. Geopathic Stress zones may be man-made. These would come with magnetic attraction fields that are emitted from hydro towers, satellite towers, wi-fi networks, electrical street poles and transformers, and residential fuse boxes.
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Possible Symptoms Of Geopathic Stress

According to a survey, it absolutely was established that strong magnetic attraction rays crossed their homes. Geopathic stress has been found to be the most common reason for many severe health issues and mental disorders. It step by step will increase the frequency of your system.It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 

Geopathic Stress

The most common signs of Geopathic Stress in humans are:

  • Resistance to medical treatment
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Feeling run down or exhausted
  • Loss of appetence
  • Food allergies
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity to physics
  • Depletion of trace elements, vitamins and minerals
  • The physical signs of Geopathic Stress on land are:
  • Twisted growth in trees
  • Bare patches in lawns
  • Dead or inferior gaps in hedges and rows of trees
  • Non productive fruit trees
  • Tree cankers
  • Growth of nonvascular plant and fungi
  • Mutated growth in vegetable gardens
  • Infestations of slugs and snails
  • Insects, parasites, bacteria, viruses
  • Ants and termite nests
  • Wasp nests and Bees nests

One of the best ways that to identify if your house is being affected by bad earth rays is to look at for any reasonably chronic sicknesses. If you youngsters expertise frequent nightmares, wakes up crying, or wets the bed regularly, it’s going to be the sign that the bed is being affected by geopathic stress.

Remedies For Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress similar with the Vastu Defects will be minimized using terribly effective tools having powers of reflective or bouncing, absorbing and blocking the negative energies at a selected place structure. Here are the most effective ways that to deal with geopathic stress:

Geopathic Stress

Consider obtaining the geopathic neutralizing gadgets. keep in mind that gadgets would only facilitate your house free from dangerous earth rays just for short quantity of your time. this is often believed to be a good geopathic stress remedies.

Performing earth stylostixis is another effective remedies. hammering lengths of copper pipes or iron rods into the bottom works like magic, however this may be fairly costly treatment.

Vastu norms help us alleviate the dangerous earth rays if they’re applied properly.

Geopathic rods composed of twelve numerous kinds of minerals, crystal pyramids along with golden magnitude relation defend which provides off high positive energy that contains a capability to beat or subsides all the negative energies including Geopathic stress.

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