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Black Gems


Black Gems

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A lucky Black Gems using after consultation only. It’s good for nightmgare prolems & study problems and job problems. Some time It will be became exreamly usefull in Education sector.

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Apatite is a fluoro- and chloro-calcium gemstone that is found in many different colors, including blue-green ‘Paraiba-like’ apatite, green apatite, which is known as ‘asparagus stone’ and golden yellow. Due to its various colors and forms, apatite is easily mistaken for several other gem types and thus earned its name from the Greek word meaning “to cheat”. Apatite is the most important source for industrial grade phosphates and although it is the defining mineral for 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it remains a lesser-known gemstone that is rarely found in jewelry designs. But recent finds in Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Madagascar are increasing the


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