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What is Numerology ?
Considered to be one among the divinatory arts, study is that the mystical relationship between numbers and one’s life. Numerologists believe that numbers can assist you uncover tons of data concerning the globe and about a personal so you’ll be able to perceive facts additional clearly. According to the numerologists, the Universe is formed from basic components, that are numbers. Finding which means in numbers helps US to know our temperament higher and helps us discover insights into the aim of our life. every variety is meant to possess a singular vibration, which provides it bound properties. each human behaves in an exceedingly bound manner thanks to the numbers he’s joined with.
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Numerology as a Science
Numerology is that the correlation between Numbers and events that occur in our lives. supported numerous systems of study, predictions are created for the native’s past, gift and future. Calculations are created supported established beliefs which can vary based on the system being followed by the worshiper. Human beings are curious naturally and sciences like these facilitate fulfill this searching for data and satiate the mind’s hunger for exploring the unknown. within the realm of the unknown, nice mysteries look to be uncovered. per some enthusiasts, study deals with the sensible application of the elementary laws of arithmetic to the fabric existence of man.


When did study 1st get existence?

It is believed that Pythagoras introduced the thought of study to his followers once he 1st discovered the mystic price within the numbers. aside from relating numbers to mathematics, he conjointly connected numbers to intuition and mysticism.

After the death of Pythagoras, the fashionable numerologists incorporated his principles and came up with new ideas that are what today’s study is all concerning.

According to today’s numerologists, not solely do the numbers have a selected vibration, however conjointly the foods, objects, and colours around US. so as to measure a harmonious and productive life, one ought to be in tune with the atmosphere around US.

Concept of study

Different cultures have their own system of study, just like the Chinese study, Indian study, etc.

According to the foremost widespread one, bound traits are attributed to every digit from one to nine. From ten forrader, the digits within the figure are supplementary to bring them all the way down to one digit and also the traits of the one digit apply to the quantity. Numbers that have repetition digits, for instance, 11, 22, 33, are referred to as master numbers. Some numerologists don’t scale back this to one digit and these have their own exclusive attributes. Others embody the attributes of the 2 numbers (11=1 and 2) in them.

How will study help?

To find your study variety, the date of birth is supplementary to urge one digit variety. this can be referred to as the birth , life or destiny variety.

With the assistance of this variety, numerologists advise folks concerning their lucky days and colours, best career methods to be taken supported the digits traits, however compatible a relationship are going to be with a love, etc.

Another common use of study is to translate their name into variety (Name number) . The letters of the alphabet are allotted numbers from one to nine.

1 a pair of three four five vi seven eight nine


J K L M N O P letter of the alphabet R


The corresponding numbers to the letters are picked and supplementary along to bring them all the way down to one digit.


No variety is totally good and just like the zodiac signs, every one has its strengths and weaknesses. the thought of understanding study is to urge impelled by your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

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